Dead Letter Box: A Tour Through the Miskatonic Valley

Dead Letter Box: A Tour Through the Miskatonic Valley

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Mrs. Prynne decided to take a break from sunny California to visit the land of her ancestors in Lovecraft Country to get in touch with her family's roots through some genealogy research. A seven day tour of the Miskatonic Valley by bus and train was arranged.  Anticipating making the trip with her nephew, she was disappointed that he cancelled to spend more time on school work. Never the less, she continued on her own, collecting souvenirs from the towns she visited to send make to him. 

She never returned home. Her package never found its intended recipient. Instead, it made its way to our Dead Letter Office and we are making it available to you. Read her last letter from Dunwich and collect her treasures for yourself in the Miskatonic Dead Letter Box.


  • Dagon Porter Pint Glass
  • Miskatonic Railroad Bookmark
  • Three UV Coated Luggage Stickers (Arkham, Dunwich, and Kingsport)
  • Mountains of Madness 11x17 Poster
  • One Photo from (randomly selected) - not available separately 
  • A letter from Mrs. Prynne to her nephew Charles - not available separately 
  • Bonus while supplies last: 11x17 poster for Izzy Lee's short film "Innsmouth"
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