Dagon Porter Pint Glass

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Raise a glass to the regulars at the Gilman House in historic Innsmouth, MA. If you drink enough of the house brew you may never leave.

H.P. Lovecraft first described the Gilman House in his 1936 short story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" thusly:

Then we rolled into the large semicircular square across the river and drew up on the right-hand side in front of a tall, cupola-crowned building with remnants of yellow paint and with a half-effaced sign proclaiming it to be the Gilman House.

I was glad to get out of that bus, and at once proceeded to check my valise in the shabby hotel lobby. There was only one person in sight—an elderly man without what I had come to call the “Innsmouth look”—and I decided not to ask him any of the questions which bothered me; remembering that odd things had been noticed in this hotel. Instead, I strolled out on the square, from which the bus had already gone, and studied the scene minutely and appraisingly.

Exclusive Midian's Keep design features an "Innsmouth Look" bar patron enjoying the house porter.

Throw a party and save $15 when you buy a six pack.

16oz Pint Mixing Glass.
High quality Libbey glass with black design.
Hand wash only.