Enough with the mystery: Check out the new online shop!

Opened Dead Letter BoxFor those of you who read the last page of a mystery novel before you even start the book, we have great news.

While many of you enthusiastically embraced our mystery story box subscriptions, many more expressed interest in buying items individually—and with less mystery. So, we’ve decided to offer some of the items that were previously only available in the complete box for individual purchase.

The story box will still be the only place you can acquire some of our more peculiar items—you’ll still have to get the complete package to find out what they are!

For the detectives out there…

In order to offer you a premium mystery box, we’ve decided to space out shipping to give us time to find and make only the best art and goods.

All Midian’s Keep merchandise is either designed by us personally, or made by professional makers. To give artists enough time to create unique and perfect pieces, mystery story boxes will now be sent out on a looser schedule (closer to a quarterly offering).

The Faerie Box is in the works and will be ready for purchase this summer. Watch for updates on our Instagram and Facebook page!